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The experiences of our customers prove the authenticity and effectiveness of our products

All results concern the use of Zi Polyfenol and Zi Dobre oil in combination or each separately.
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For a year I had intense dryness and cracking, cuts on the outside of the hands and on the palms. Also itching and scratching wounds. I had tried different creams without any effect. I started using Zi Polyfenol powder once a day and topically applied Zi Dobre Oil grape seed oil three times a day. The results you see are after about two months of treatment.



For about a year I suffered from horrible headaches and severe migraines.
I have tried various methods without results. For the last eight months I have been using the Zi polyfenol supplement in powder form daily. It is truly amazing how much improvement I have noticed in my health. The headaches have disappeared and I generally feel more vital, while at the same time my mood has increased. Zi polyfenol, is a product that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, in a completely natural way.

Eleni Erotokritou

Having used the Zi dobre grape seed oil for a while it has proven to be a product of high quality with healing qualities that show for itself. Have been using it as a facial moisturiser, with great results on facial scaring from acne, improving and balancing skin redness as well as overall brightness and youthful appearance. Also a personal preference as a carrier oil basis for essential oil mixing when working with aromatherapy, as a preferred alternative to fractionated coconut oil for its higher absorption rate as an oil, as well as overall benefits provided internally once within the body. A big plus the lack of intense smell that usually accommodates many grape seed oils on the market

Katerina Antoniou

An important part of my life is physical exercise on an almost daily basis. At the urging of a friend to try Zi polyfenol, I started taking it sometimes before and sometimes immediately after exercising by mixing it with protein. I have found that this product helps significantly in the stimulation and recovery of the muscles, my endurance has increased and at the same time various cramps and blockages that I felt in my muscles from the frequent exercise have been eliminated.

Nectarios Michael
Gymnast, Personal trainer

I have been looking for a natural product for a long time, which I can use on a daily basis to moisturize and protect my facial skin. I learned about Zi Dobre oil from a relative and that it is a 100% natural product with real results. I got it and started using it. I am very pleased with this product, as I have noticed that it rejuvenates and cleanses my skin.
Also about two months ago, a beetle had appeared on his face for which I intended to go to a dermatologist. In the meantime, I continued to use the oil and really the beetle  completely disappeared after a month. 
Thanks Zi Dobre.

Dimitra Dimitriou

I started using Zi polyfenol after a skin issue appeared on my leg, possibly from hair that had turned. From a small pimple it had developed into a huge infection that had really bothered me a lot. I had to take two antibiotics, cortisone and use a topical cream. But the problem was not over and my skin was very sore. At the suggestion of a friend, I got in touch with the company Zi Dobre Cyprus, where I was encouraged to combine the oil with powder locally. It is remarkable how much it has helped me to heal the wound and restore good healthy skin. Many thanks to the company for their advice and guidance.

Christodoulou Friday