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Improve the health of your animals with natural polyphenols
Natural Grape Seed supplement for Animals produced by Nanotechnology

Zi Polyfenol for Animals
100 % Natural Polyphenols 
for strengthening and health enhancement of the animals

Protection and Antiaging

Polyfenol effectively reduces the number of free radicals in the animals, prevent their chain reactions and significantly preventing the destruction of cells and tissues. We are confident that our powder will make a significant difference in the performance and life expectancy of our customers'animals.

Grape seeds are one of the richest sources of polyphenols. Plants use polyphenols as a substance that protects themselves and their fruits from the effects of adverse conditions. These substances can ensure the protection, regeneration and reproduction not only of the plant and the human organism, but also of the animals. The antioxidant “problem” for the animals is that their diet may not be varied enough, to receive the antioxidants required for optimal health. Even if you’ve sourced the highest quality food on the market, much of the added vitamins and antioxidants are synthetic. And as with all things are synthetic, your animals may not be able to absorb the added antioxidants. Polyfenol is completely natural without any additives. It is very rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) such as quercetin, resveratrol, catehins, rutine etc and also contains vitamins and fifteen Micro-trace elements. Our Powder is processed with nanotechnology on an average size at 60μm. Thanks to nanotechnology the absorption is superior making it unique and unbeatable out on the market.

We are offering Dog Granules and Raw Powder for Horses and Dogs

Health Benefits of Polyfenol on Horses

Our claims about the effects of our Polyfenol supplement on horses are based on a scientific study

  • Helps making better use of energy.
  • Qualitative increase of all stallion ejaculation parameters.
  • Good appetite for food even at increased daily temperatures.
  • Significant reduction in sweating during exercise.
  • Stabilization of the internal environment of loaded horses.
  • Faster regeneration time after exercise.
  • Increased repulsive action against insect bites.
  • For nutrition, protection and regeneration of articular cartilage and tissues.
  • Suitable for preventive ​giving.

Scientific study on horses

Our claims about the effects of our Polyfenol supplement on horses are based on a scientific study conducted by Professor. Marko Halo, PhD. The animals included in the study were monitored by the Department of Special Animal Husbandry at SPU Nitra. The laboratory tests were performed by the Agricultural University of Slovakia AgroBioTech Nitra, during the period 26 June 2019 to 31 July 2019. 

The study included 12 Slovak Warmblood horses (6 mares and 6 eunuchs), aged 6-12. The horses were divided into two groups of 6. In both groups, the horses were on the same training load and fed the same fluids and complete feed mixtures according to the study.

The experimental group was given the dietary supplement Polyfenol in daily doses of 30 g in each horse.

A blood sample was taken from all horses to determine the metabolic profile before, in the middle and at the end of the experiment. 


Based on the analysis of the monitored parameters of the metabolic, mineral profile and the evaluation of the quality parameters of the horses, we can state that:

All the findings presented are the result of an initial study of several weeks and their confirmation requires further monitoring with a longer period and different degrees of stress. However, we can state the beneficial effects on the internal environment of horses consuming POLYFENOL and their regeneration when under load.